November 30, 2022

PAT Testing in Worthing

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The UK health and safety law states that businesses must maintain all electrical equipment is in a safe condition. The best way to do this is regular PAT testing for your business. J Kirby Electrical can carry out PAT tests in any property or business in Worthing so get in touch today.

Regular PAT testing is one of the most effective ways in spotting any appliances that are unsafe or appliances that need replacing before they become dangerous. As a boss or property owner it is your responsibility to ensure your staff have access to safe equipment in any part of the workplace, whether that’s the computer they work at or the kettle they use in the staff kitchen to make a cuppa at lunchtime. Failure to do so can result in hefty fines and even imprisonment so it shouldn’t be overlooked.

Appliances that should be PAT tested are known as class 1 appliances, these include photocopiers, computers, fridges, toasters, kettles, extension leads among many others. How often these would be tested depends on the environment they are in and how often they are moved. Low risk environments include offices, shops, and hotels. Medium risk environments would be places like hospitals and schools and higher risk environments would be places like industrial buildings, construction sites and anywhere where electrical appliances are used by the public.

As a business owner it’s very important to take this responsibility seriously. You wouldn’t ever want anything to happen to one of your staff members because of your poor judgment. With appliances being used many times throughout the day by lots of different staff members, it will take a toll on the appliances. As a boss you could also take on some initiative and teach your staff about the importance of electrical safety and just advise for your staff to give the electrical equipment a check every so often. This will ensure that anything potentially dangerous is spotted and fixed before it causes anything or anyone any harm.

Any PAT testing should be carried out by a registered electrician. Following completion of the PAT test you will receive full inventory of every appliance and where it’s located. A full set of test results including whatever failed and an explanation. Finally, every appliance passed will receive a visible label on the socket with a date when the next test should be due with an electrician’s signature. this means its much easier for you to remember when your next PAT test is due, as we can understand as a business / property owner you probably have many other things on your mind.

PAT testing in Worthing

J Kirby Electrical can carry out PAT testing in all properties in Worthing. You should only choose a registered electrician to carry out any type of tests or inspections.

If you think your property needs a PAT test carried out to ensure your staff have access to safe appliances give us a call today on 01273 468223.

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