Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate

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Electrical Certificates for Landlords

Maintaining Electrical Security in Rental Properties

As a landlord, you will know that you are legally obligated to maintain the electrical safety in any property you let. This means that all wires and equipment should be kept in safe condition. At J Kirby Electrical, we perform electrical testing on rental properties. We can provide you with Landlord Safety Reports and Electrical Certificates, to confirm that your property is safe.

What Landlord Electrical Certificates are Required?

The UK government has made it a legal requirement that landlords have all electrical installations in their rental accommodations tested and inspected by a competent electrician, at least every five years . As well as updating their electrical inspection certificate report (EICR). Landlords then need to supply their tenants with a copy of this electrical safety report, as well as to their local authority, if required.

The Current Electrical Safety Regulations Legally Required by Landlords:

  • Making sure that the national standards for electrical safety are achieved (British Standard 7671).
  • Ensuring that the electrics in rental properties are tested and inspected at a minimum of every 5 years.
  • A report is obtained from the electrician carrying out the testing. The report should also show the date for the next test and inspection.
  • A report should be provided to the current tenant within 28 days of the test and inspection.
  • A copy of the report should be provided to the new tenant before they occupy the property.
  • A copy of the report should be given to any prospective tenant, within 28 days of a request being received for the report.
  • The local authority should be provided with a copy of the report within 7 days of a request being a received.
  • A copy of the report should be kept to be given to the next person who inspects and tests the property’s electrics.
  • If the report shows that any kind of investigative or remedial work needs carrying out, the work should take place within 28 days or less time if stated by the report.
  • Written confirmation should be supplied by the electrician, to the tenant and local authority, when any necessary remedial works have been completed.

Our team will investigate all the ‘fixed’ electrical parts of the property, like wiring, light fittings, plugs, fuse box or consumer unit and any continually linked fittings like showers and extractor fans. To ensure your property meets the latest electrical safety standards.

What Report is Required?

As a landlord, you will be provided with a Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) from us. This will confirm the outcomes of the tests that we have carried out. It will also confirm if any remedial electrical works are needed.

What Will the Report Show?

The report will show whether the electrics/ electrical installation are safe to use, or if they need any kind of investigative or remedial works.

JK Kirby have an expert team of comprehensively trained electricians, who can carry out all your electrical inspections. Providing you with correctly completed landlord electrical certificates, which will satisfy all government requirements.

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