December 3, 2021

Outside Lighting Installation Sussex

A driveway with lighting

Coming into the winter months one of the first thing most of us notice aside from the weather is that our daylight hours are much shorter.

Many of us find ourselves leaving home in the dark in the mornings and by the time we get home the night has drawn in and its already dark again. A darkened home after a long day isn’t particularly inviting especially when you’re going to need to find your keys blindly never mind trying to find the lock.

If you find yourself in this situation it’s probably already crossed your mind that an outside light would be really handy and you may have already found yourself looking for an electrician to install your outside lighting in Sussex.

Security lighting is always popular this time of year, from an older outdated fixing that needs to be replaced or a brand-new installation. Lots of people feel safer in the knowledge that some security lighting options are lights are triggered by movement so would put of anybody attempting to trespass. At the same time security lighting can be placed to illuminate entry points, pathways of even recessed areas which can be very reassuring when walking towards or around the outside of your property.

Driveway and decorative garden lighting also make coming home in the dark a much more welcoming experience. Whilst driveway lighting makes your home look very attractive upon approach it also can be used to highlight walls or boundaries to assist with parking, spot light uplighters can be used in a number of ways either as a feature to highlight paving patterns or be used either side of a front door.

Garden light installation is often considered more during the summer there’s no reason this cannot be installed and used all year round. Your garden is an extension to your home. Many people enjoy using the summer months to enjoy their gardens and host events such as parties of BBQS and enjoy the benefits of their garden lights to keep the party going! There’s no reason why your outside space cannot be enjoyed visually during the winter months.

There are many intelligent lighting design options available and your outdoor lighting installer will be able to assist and advise you of the techniques that can be used which will enable you to enjoy your garden all year around with the aim being to create an atmospheric solution whilst being completely reliable. Ambient outdoor lighting can be used to add a wow factor by adding LED coloured lighting to areas such as planters or features around the garden. There’s a huge number of products available to suit everybody’s needs

If you live in a flat or an apartment with a balcony you may have disregarded the space you have however, it’s entirely possible to enhance this with the use of outdoor lights. Statement lamps or lanterns can really make a huge difference no matter the size of the space.

Outdoor lighting installations should only be carried out by a qualified and registered electrician, it’s also important to verify your electricians’ credentials to be sure they can supply the correct certification for new installations.

J Kirby electrical are proud to offer outdoor lighting installations in Sussex and gladly work with our clients to bring a design to life. We are committed to providing an exceptionally high standard of work and all of our work is guaranteed.

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