June 13, 2022

Emergency Lighting Electrician

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When looking for an Emergency Lighting Electrician it is important to find a company who understand the regulations that your system must adhere to. Current legislation does not require a professional installer. However, this can leave you at risk of failing to meet your legal obligations if the installer you select does not properly understand the complexities of the legislation your Emergency Lighting must meet. Whilst any qualified electrician will be able to adequately install your system, they are unlikely to have the training and experience needed to enable you to meet your requirements as the Responsible Person. This can leave you at risk, not just of a system that is not fit for purpose in the event of an emergency, but of the legal consequences of failing to ensure compliance. J Kirby Electrical are the trustworthy choice when looking for an Emergency Lighting Electrician in Sussex, who can provide the experience and expertise required to keep you safe.

Why Do I need an Emergency Lighting Electrician?

Emergency Lighting is just that, a light that is required during an emergency. During an emergency it is vital that the systems put in place to protect you are installed correctly and with due care and attention to their successful functioning. If you are searching for an Emergency Lighting Electrician, you are likely already aware of your responsibilities to provide an Emergency Lighting system that meets the stringent requirements of the legislation. Your Emergency Lighting must comply with several British Standards including the code of practice, BS 5266. It is vital that the installer you select is familiar with all that is required legally and can carry out a fully compliant installation of your Emergency Lighting.

If you choose a local electrician who is inexperienced in Emergency Lighting Installation but who is competent in more common areas of electrical work, then the initial installation can appear to be fine. It is only later when a scheduled inspection is carried out by an accredited professional that the deficits of the original work can be highlighted. This leaves you, the business owner, with a potentially expensive and inconvenient situation. It is good practice, and makes business sense, to find an experienced Emergency Lighting Electrician to avoid falling foul of additional expense and potential legal implications.

J Kirby Electrical offer a comprehensive and fully compliant Emergency Lighting Electrician service that will leave you and your business safe. We have the expertise and experience required to install your system professionally and correctly. Call our experienced team today to discuss your Emergency Lighting needs.

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