December 3, 2021

CCTV Installer in Sussex

someone screwing a cctv camera onto a wall

Domestic CCTV installation continues to grow in popularity. Advancing technology and new devices are allowing more people to install devices such as smart doorbells and WIFI cameras to give peace of mind when they are away from their homes.

These devices allow homeowners to check in when they choose, or receive notifications when movement is detected. Such devices offer a great peace of mind and are extremely useful and easy to set up. These devices however are often limited in their capacity of providing coverage of all necessary areas to act as a deterrent any unwanted attention to your property and this is often when homeowners begin to explore the option of a full CCTV system installation.

CCTV has been shown to reduce crime by around 21% which increases when it comes to vehicle crime. A highly useful tool to use to deter unwanted attention to your property and in the unfortunate event you are a victim of crime your CCTV will be an excellent source of evidence.

If you are considering installing a CCTV System to your property you are likely looking for somebody experienced with the correct qualifications to install a fully comprehensive system. Insurers may also require that the system is installed by an accredited company to make sure the equipment installed meets BSEN50131 standards – something to bear in mind when searching for a CCTV installer.

Your selected installer will discuss with you the different types of cameras available and the functionality and specification of your options. This will include things such as the lens type, night vision capabilities, megapixels and the DVR Capacity (This covers how many days recording can be held and the quality)

The most common types of cameras available are:

  • IP Cameras which are linked to a network allowing you to access the camera live online whenever you choose.
  • Wireless cameras which as the name suggests have no wires so installation is very straight forward
  • C-Mount CCTV systems allow the field of vision to be adapted, with detachable lenses that can be adjusted to capture a variety of distances, beyond 40 feet
  • Dome cameras, often used in shops, these cameras are protected via a dome casing. The dome makes it near-impossible to know which direction the camera is positioned towards, underneath. In this respect, these cameras are multi-functional, as they cover all angles.
  • Bullet Camera The cylinder-shaped bullet camera is another CCTV system excellent for outdoor use. Weather and dust resistant, they are great for long-view use.
  • High Definition (HD) Camera HD equipment is the best for picture quality, offering the crispest, cleanest images available in the world of CCTV. Resolution ranges from 720p up to 4K.
  • Day & Night Cameras, using extra sensitive imaging chips, day and night cameras are adaptable to the light they are used in. This means they can work effectively around the clock.

If a CCTV system is something you are considering and are looking for a CCTV installer in Sussex we would always recommend checking that you select an installer who is registered and able to provide you with the required certification for the installation. It’s also worth enquiring how often maintenance is required and if your installer offers a plan for this. For insurance purposes a yearly check is often advised however your CCTV installer will be able to advise you of a maintenance schedule dependent on the CCTV you have selected.

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