February 24, 2023

Solar Battery Storage

Solar panels

A solar battery storage system allows you to move towards greater energy independence. Whether you would like solar battery storage installed as part of a new solar panel system, or as an addition to your existing solar set-up, J Kirby Electrical can help. Based in Newhaven and serving the wider Sussex area, our experienced and friendly solar battery electricians can help you make the most of your solar panels.

What is Solar Battery Storage?

Solar battery storage is quite simply a battery designed to store the surplus energy your solar panels generate during the day. For most Newhaven homes the highest period of energy use is in the evenings – just when your solar panels cease generation. By installing a solar battery storage system, you can make use of the excess energy produced during the day and keep your energy bills low. Without a solar battery, when the sun goes down you revert to using energy from the grid. This is both costly and a less eco-friendly option.

Can I add Solar Battery Storage to my Solar Panels?

Solar batteries can be added to almost all existing solar panel systems. An experienced solar panel electrician can add a solar battery in less than a day. Some solar panel systems will require a new inverter to be installed to manage the demands of the solar battery whilst others will be compatible straight away. Our experienced electricians at J Kirby Electrical, Newhaven will be happy to advise you on the suitability of your existing solar panel system.

The Benefits of Solar Battery Storage

The addition of a solar battery storage system to your Newhaven home brings a raft of benefits:

Lower Energy Bills – With energy costs skyrocketing there has never been a better time to add solar power to your home. A solar battery allows you to store the energy you generated during the day for use later. This can make quite a difference to your bills, especially if like most households you use more energy in the evenings.
Energy Independence – Being able to store your solar generated power in solar battery storage gives you greater independence from your energy supplier. Some solar battery systems can even provide back-up power in the event of a power cut, meaning you can keep your home warm and secure.
Sustainability – Generating your own electricity from renewable sources helps to reduce your carbon footprint. Maximising your use of that clean, green energy through a solar battery storage system means you will significantly reduce your impact.
Greater Control – Most solar battery storage systems allow you to see how you use the energy you generate. You can see exactly how much solar energy you generate and store and when you utilise it.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of adding solar battery storage to your Newhaven home, J Kirby Electrical are here to help. Our experienced, fully qualified solar electricians will be happy to discuss your options and help you make the most of your solar pane system. Call our friendly team today.

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