October 28, 2021

Smart Home Electrician in Sussex

someone operating a tablet device mounted to a wall

Everyone can appreciate the huge leaps smart home technology has made in recent years. Most children today won’t have had to experience moving from their comfy spot on the sofa to manually change the channel on the TV and garage owners no longer have to get out of their car to open and close their garage doors when putting the car away.

Many homes now have at least a handful of smart devices, we link devices to apps to control them speak commands into the air and they happen – even a lot of young children are able to ask alexa to play baby shark on repeat!

Whilst many people see privacy red flags many more see the benefits as they look to find devices to make daily life just a little easier.

Some devices are simple to install and “plug in and play” devices such as google home or alexa devices can be installed with ease. However, when you want to link more smart technology into a main device or “hub” such as google home or alexa it could be time to call in a Smart home electrician.

Once you start adding devices and decide you want to make the most of the smart home technology available things become a bit more complicated. True home automation requires multiple, interconnected devices operated by a hub or control system to keep them together so that you aren’t having to control devices on multiple apps.

The TV adverts make it look easy to set up a “Wake up” or “Go to sleep” routine with relaxing or wake up music set to a timer, lights set to dim or get brighter and coffee machines set to have your morning coffee ready for you, getting these devices in sync to suit your routine is a little more complex.

Whilst setting up a routine is entirely possible, if you do try to do this yourself you will quickly find yourself deep in home automation protocols, unfamiliar vocabulary and best practice recommendations. This also involves adjustments to actual wires such as light switches, wall outlets and thermostats.

If you start researching into smart home technology you will find many results offering many available options. Knowing which recommendations to trust can be a minefield. How can you truly trust which recommendations to trust and how do you know if the devices you want will do what you want them to do? Do you understand enough to be able to troubleshoot the system should anything go wrong?

The best place to start when considering smart home technology is to make a wish list of the devices you would like in your home and what you want to gain from using them.

Then it’s time to contact a smart home electrician will be able to not only make the installations for you and set the system up with ease but will also be able to advise on the best products to suit the system you want to create. A smart home electrician can assist from design stage right the way to leaving you set up in your smart home surrounded by your ideal technology.

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