October 6, 2022

Security Lighting Installation

CCTV camera and security lighting on top of a pole

As a homeowner you may be wondering how effective is security lighting?

Security lighting can be installed very purposefully to effectively deter anyone who might not have the purest intentions. As the nights draw in, now is a great time to invest in some security lighting for your home, so if you live in and around the areas of Hove, our team will be happy to help.

J Kirby Electrical can offer a wide range of different types of outdoor lighting to suit everyone’s individual needs for their home.

However, the type that is seen as the most beneficial in many ways are motion sensor lights. They have a motion sensor installed within the LED light which means anything that comes within range of the sensor leads to the light being turned on. This is great if you arrive home late. This will also deter anyone looking to cause trouble. Motion sensor lighting is also extremely energy efficient and helps to bring those costs down.

What other types of security lighting can you offer?

If you have a larger garden or driveway for example and want a more intense light you may want to consider floodlights. Likewise, if you have a commercial property or business floodlights may also work for you.

Floodlights are made to be very long lasting and durable. Halogen floodlights are most commonly used, and you can also have LED solar floodlights which are also another great option for a more energy efficient option while still providing that brighter bulb.


Here at J Kirby Electrical we understand you may not be sure what lighting you need or want. By understanding the requirements you have for the lighting and how you want it to protect your home we can advise you the best options for your needs. We can also install the lights to enhance the look of your property as well as offering protection and security.

Here at J Kirby Electrical we know that having any work done on or around your home can be worrying. This is why all our team are polite, friendly and respectful and will always leave your home as they found it. All our materials come with the manufactures warranty and our work has a 5-year warranty.

So, if you have been considering adding security lighting top your property in Hove, give one of our friendly team a call now.

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