February 27, 2023

Outdoor power supply in Seaford

A garden with outdoor lighting

With the summer months fast approaching many homeowners in Seaford are looking to upgrade their gardens. One way to do this, is to connect your garden to a power supply.
J Kirby Electrical are your local Seaford electricians on hand to provide garden power supply services allowing you to enjoy your Seaford garden as much as possible.

The connection of power supply into your garden can be done in two ways. You can either choose to connect your garden to your homes main fuseboard or install a separate power supply. Installing a separate power supply is the preferred option as it doesn’t add any added pressure to your existing electrical system. The electrical system will power things like outdoor sockets, mains connected lighting, pools, hot tubs, ponds, and anything else in your garden that requires power.

Outdoor sockets

Mowing the lawn is a job not many of us love but with outdoor sockets it becomes easier and more efficient. No more need for tangly extension leads or trip hazards! Outdoor sockets need to be installed with extra caution and consideration. They should always have RCD protection (also known as a residual current device). Sockets with RCD protection will cut off electricity if a fault is sensed. This limits the risk of being exposed to serious electric shocks. RCD protected outdoor sockets will also be installed inside a protective shell to keep the socket dry and protected from the unpredictable British weather.

Before any garden electrical installation, including sockets are electricians will carry out an electrical safety test to ensure your electrical system can cope safely with the added extra pressure the sockets will require.

Mains connected Garden lighting

Mains connected garden lighting is a great option for places like alfresco dining areas. You no longer have to rely on solar or battery powered lighting which can fail at any given moment. Mains connected lighting can still be very cost effective thanks to LED bulbs which are much more energy efficient than traditional style halogen bulbs. LED lighting uses 80% less energy while still providing a bright bulb.

Garden outbuilding electrics

Does your Seaford garden have an unused shed or garage? You may want to consider converting this space unto a garden office or workshop. J Kirby can install power supply, lighting, sockets, and switches into your garden outbuilding creating the perfect place for an office, workshop, garden pub or even a man cave…the possibilities are endless.

Lighting is also an important factor for garden outbuildings like garages and sheds, especially if you expect to use them for an office or workshop. J Kirby Electrical in Seaford can install a variety of different types of lighting to suit the usage and needs of your outbuilding.

Remember, for any electrical installation or upgrade please only choose a registered electrician. J Kirby Electrical are fully insured, NAPIT registered electricians. All our work is certified on site, and we have a 5-year guarantee on all installations. For more information, contact our friendly team today!

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