September 1, 2021

Garden lighting installer in Brighton

wooden garden paneling with lighting

At J Kirby electrical we offer a wide range of services, from a full house rewire, locating an electrical fault or you might be looking for a Garden Lighting Installer in Brighton, whatever your electrical needs we are on hand to serve our customers.

Garden lighting installation is always one of the most popular enquires we receive in the summer months with many people keen to speak to a Garden lighting installer in Brighton to discuss their needs or new projects that they need help with to make a vision come to life.

LED lighting is an extremely popular choice with garden lighting due to its durability and low energy consumption, LED lights are also hugely diverse offering colour changing options.

Popular Garden Lighting Installations include:

Downlighting which offers the opportunity to highlight areas or features of your garden.

Step and pathway lights allow you to illuminate a route through your garden with the option to draw attention to features on the way.

Decking lighting is also a great way to draw attention to specific areas of your decking.

Whist many garden projects are completed in the summer it’s important to remember that garden lights can be used all year round. Even when it’s too cold to spend evenings outside, it can be equally satisfying to enjoy your garden from inside when your outdoor lighting is on hand to highlight your favourite features outside.

When considering contacting a Garden Lighting Installer in Brighton it’s important to ensure your electrician is competent and has the right level of qualification so that they are able to provide certification to you that ensures your safety. All new installations must be completed in line with regulations and it’s important that all lights and fittings are suitable to withstand ever changing weather conditions.

Outdoor electrics aren’t limited to decorative lighting as you may find it beneficial to install an outdoor socket or security lights. Whatever your needs you can get in touch with us and we will advise and work with you to achieve your desired outcome.

At J Kirby electrical we are fully qualified members of NAPIT. Any new installations we complete are fully certified after all no job is complete without its certificates.

We also hold above requirements insurance to ensure the peace of mind of our customers.

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