July 29, 2021

Fuse Board Upgrade

fusebox with tidy wiring

A fuse board or consumer unit is the electrical hub of the home. Incoming voltage is separated into various circuits to supply power throughout your home.

Modern fuse boards also have an RCD, or multiple RCDs, which cuts the electricity if an electrical fault occurs. If you are unsure that your current fuse board meets current regulations and safety requirements its best to ask for the advice of a qualified electrician in Sussex to complete an electrical inspection.

The tell-tale signs of a fuse board that needs to upgraded include –

  • Wooden backing or iron switches – this is a fire hazard and will not meet current fire regulations
  • The fuse board doesn’t have an RCD (Residual Current Device). RCDs switch off the electricity automatically should a fuse blow, preventing an electric shock and a potential life-threatening accident.
  • Exposed wires, fuses or circuit breakers. Older fuse board models are often found with exposed wires and missing blanking plates – this is a huge risk as live parts can be exposed to touch.

If you are considering a new electrical installation or an extension to your home it pays to check early on that your current fuse board is up to scratch and has the capacity for an additional circuit to be added safely.

A fuse box replacement must always be carried out by a qualified electrician who can sign off and provide an installation certificate. Anything less will put you and anybody else in the property at risk.

Accidents can happen, however with a modern fuse box they’re much less likely to be fatal. Accidents that happen through old style fuse boxes not being replaced can be life threatening. For example, without an RCD a wire that’s severed accidentally could cause a serious electric shock. The power would not be shut off so if a person touches the wire would very likely require urgent medical attention or in the very worst cases this could cause death.

Modern fuse boxes also reduce the risk of an electrical fire. The RCD will automatically shut down any circuits where a fault is detected to protect you.

If you are concerned about your fuse box or are unsure if your home is sufficiently protected by your current electrical installation, you can contact J Kirby electrical and we will be happy to assess your current fuse board and provide our expert electrical advice and free quotation for a Fuse board upgrade if required.

We are fully qualified and insured to undertake and certify the installation of a fuse board upgrade to your home.

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