February 7, 2022

Electric Heating Installer

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Electric radiators and boilers are becoming more common due to the low installation costs, no flue requirement, low maintenance, rapid heat up times and high efficiency. Sound appealing? Then it’s probably worth speaking to an electric heating installer in your area.

Electric heating is certainly shaping up to be a popular choice for the future of home heating in the UK. With almost 30% of the Uk’s total greenhouse emissions coming from heating our homes it’s understandable why many energy companies have committed to helping their customers reduce their carbon footprint whilst saving energy without reducing the quality of heat in the home.

Low carbon heating solutions are becoming more readily available to homeowners. In the current climate with energy prices on the rise many people are keen to make savings where they can. Electric heating systems often attract the attention of people looking to save money when replacing their boiler as they have a lower upfront installation cost. Whilst many would counter that a unit of electricity actually costs more than a unit of gas, it’s important to remember that whilst electricity is slightly more expensive if you do go for a fully electric system this will eliminate your need for gas and so no more standing charge and your supplier may even be able to offer special rates on an electricity only tariff.

If you are renovating or thinking about upgrading your central heating it may be an ideal time to consider a new electric heating system. When you contact an electric heating installer, they will be able to advise you on your options from electric storage heater upgrades with modern replacements being more economical and low carbon or, electric radiators which are another great option being both energy efficient and easy to control. Another effective slightly more costly option is an air source heat pump which work like a fridge but in reverse, they absorb heat from the outside air and circulate this through your heating system, these are up to 3.5 times more efficient than gas boilers.

Electric radiators can be placed anywhere and are very straightforward to install. Electric radiators can be installed almost anywhere you choose – without the need for any pipework to be moved or extended! A good electrical heating installer will ensure the minimum disruption and that you barely notice the work being done.

Electric heating systems are 100% efficient at point of use. If you pay for 1kw if electricity you will benefit from 1kW of heat. This is much more efficient than alternatives which loose heat through flues. You can also specify which rooms heat up ensuring that you aren’t just heating up empty space which is very handy for rooms that get limited use.

Electric Radiators and Electric Boilers do not burn fuel internally to generate heat, which means there’s none of the associated safety risks such as carbon monoxide poisoning or explosions. An electric boiler or radiator is completely silent!

Everyone’s individual circumstances are different so if you are thinking of making the change to electric heating contact a qualified electric heating installer to discuss what your options are for electric heating solutions.

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