October 27, 2022

Commercial Lighting Installation

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A well-designed commercial lighting installation can make a huge difference to your Sussex premises. Your commercial lighting installation must provide sufficient, effective light for your employees to work by and make your premises and product attractive to your customers. Choosing an experienced electrician for your commercial lighting installation will ensure your lighting design fulfils its potential. J Kirby Electrical, Sussex are your local, professional commercial lighting electricians. Our Sussex based electricians can design and install a high-quality commercial lighting installation that is tailored to your needs.

Commercial LED Lighting Installation

Commercial LED lighting can help your company to manage your electricity usage. Lighting accounts for a large proportion of the energy used by most companies. By installing LED lighting, you could reduce your energy usage by up to 80% and make considerable savings on your bills. Halogen and fluorescent lighting use far more energy than their LED counterparts. Their bulbs also have a much shorter lifespan. A commercial lighting installation using LED bulbs can last up to ten times as long as a fluorescent bulb installation. Choosing LED lighting means less downtime when bulbs fail and lower maintenance costs.

LED lighting provides many benefits aside from being a superior light source. As an LED lighting installation generates only minimal heat you will also find your premises are cooler and more comfortable for your staff and visitors. A further benefit of an LED commercial lighting installation is that they are included in the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme. You may find your installation qualifies and you can offset the cost against your taxable income.

Commercial Lighting Design

A good commercial lighting installer will have experience working in a wide range of premises. Offices, factories, warehouses and retail premises all have distinct, specific lighting needs. An experienced electrician will understand how your premises are used and design a commercial lighting installation that reflects your needs.

The commercial lighting used in an office must be comfortable to work under for extended periods of time. Retail lighting needs to be visually appealing and provide extra illumination in key areas such as desks and displays. Some lighting types of poorer quality will flicker. This can cause eyestrain and headaches and can be particularly troubling for office workers. An LED lighting installation will eliminate the flickering and provide comfortable, constant light. This allows your staff to work comfortably and your customers to see your products properly.

If your commercial premises have a larger, open floor space such as a warehouse, you will need a lighting installation that provides even lighting across the entire area. Your commercial lighting installer will use a combination of lamp types, optics and reflectors that suit your specific needs and ceiling heights. An experienced commercial lighting electrician will be competent in the installation of both high bay and low bay lighting.

J Kirby Electrical are your local, experienced and fully qualified commercial lighting installers. Whether your Sussesx premises are large or small, we have the skills to create a lighting design that works for you. Contact us today to discuss all your commercial lighting installation needs.

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