April 4, 2023

Commercial Fire Alarm Installation

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A commercial fire alarm installation is an essential feature of any commercial premises. Commercial fire alarms can provide effective fire protection at both industrial and commercial premises. They help you to meet your health and safety obligations to your staff and visitors and safeguard the building itself. To ensure your commercial premises are fully protected, you need the services an experienced commercial fire alarm installer. J Kirby Electrical are based in Newhaven and are experienced, fully qualified installers of commercially graded fire alarms.

Fire Alarms in Commercial Properties

The fire alarms used in commercial settings are more complex than those for domestic fire protection, as are the regulations regarding their installation. As a business owner you have a legal duty to ensure the safety of the staff and visitors at your commercial premises. To ensure compliance and to make certain your legal obligations are met, a competent professional should be chosen to install your system. A commercial fire alarm installation requires the services of an experienced professional who is well versed in all relevant regulations and best practice. Your commercial fire alarm system should be tailored to your premises unique needs. A detailed fire risk assessment should be performed before your electrician begins the installation process. Factors such as the size of your premises, business area and the number of staff will all be considered when designing your fire alarm system. J Kirby electrical have been designing and installing fire alarm systems at commercial and industrial premises in Newhaven and the surrounding area since 2011. Our skilled and highly trained electricians can design an effective system for your premises whether they be a warehouse, retail business, hotel or other. 

Commercial Fire Alarms – Conventional or Addressable?

Conventional fire alarms and addressable fire alarms are the two primary types of fire alarms installed in commercial settings. Each system uses a series of fire detection devices that are linked to and communicate with a main control panel. The control panel will show which area a fire has been detected in and controls the sounding of the alarm.

  • Conventional Fire Alarms: Zoned areas are created within a building, each with multiple detection devices. In the event of a fire, the zone the fire is in will be identified but not the exact location. For example, the basement may be indicated but not which area within that space. This type of fire alarm is best suited to smaller commercial locations as it requires the installation of more wiring than an addressable system.
  • Addressable Fire Alarms: These are also referred to as intelligent alarm systems. They provide a higher level of precision in fire detection and feature the most up to date technology. When installed, each detector has its own address within the building assigned to it. Should a fire occur, the exact location can be easily pinpointed. This aids firefighters in targeting the source of a fire and can save lives.  An addressable fire alarm system is more advanced, makes your premises safer and can be used in many locations.

If you would like to protect your Newhaven property with a commercial fire alarm installation, J Kirby Electrical are here to help. Our fully qualified electricians have the knowledge, skills and experience to keep your premises and staff safe. With a thorough understanding of fire safety regulations, we can help you meet your legal obligations too. Call our professional, reliable team today.

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