October 27, 2022

CCTV Installer in Hove

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A CCTV installation can be a valuable addition to your home or business, helping to keep you safe and secure. If you are looking for a CCTV installer in Hove, J Kirby Electrical have the skills and experience to design and install a CCTV system that keeps you protected. We can help whether you are looking to protect a private dwelling or a large commercial property. We are your local, professional and trusted CCTV installer in Hove.

Planning a CCTV Installation in Hove

A CCTV installer will perform a site survey to identify the best places to install your CCTV cameras. They will be looking for points of entry, weak spots in your perimeter and for areas that are otherwise screened from view. Typical installation points include entrances to your building, off-street windows and car parking areas. To be effective, your CCTV installation needs to cover the areas that are most vulnerable. By choosing a reputable and experienced CCTV installer you will be assured of a well thought out design that fully protects your property.

Your CCTV installer will also have a good understanding of the restrictions and requirements under UK privacy laws. They will be able to explain your potential legal obligations and install a CCTV system that ensures you are compliant with the regulations. If a CCTV camera captures images of a neighbouring property, then there are strict rules you must abide by. A competent CCTV installer will, wherever possible, set up your cameras so that they avoid filming your neighbour’s property.

Choosing you CCTV Cameras

There is a wide range of CCTV cameras available. Each is best suited to a different location and usage type. Many camera styles are also available with a range of additional features. Your CCTV installer will discuss all your options with you to ensure you receive the system that is most appropriate to your needs.

CCTV camera designs include:

  • Dome CCTV Cameras – These are enclosed in a dome shaped protective casing. The cover conceals the direction the camera is facing as well as protecting the camera inside from damage. Obscuring the camera angle makes it harder for an intruder to tell where they can be seen. This kind of CCTV can be used either inside or outside a property.
  • Bullet CCTV Cameras – These are used in many locations and are the most popular camera style. They are protected by a weatherproof, distinctive casing and provide a highly visible deterrent The angle of view can be adjusted easily after installation and they work over a long range.
  • C Mount CCTV Cameras – These cameras have detachable lenses for an adaptable field of vision. They also offer a wider view of up to 40ft. As they are highly adaptable, they can be used in most locations.
  • Pan, Tilt & Zoom Cameras – With a PTZ CCTV camera installed, you will be able to continually adjust your view. These clever cameras are controlled by a remote and can cover a full 360 degrees and zoom in on fine details.

Additional Options:

  • Network/IP CCTV – This feature allows you to access your CCTV cameras remotely from anywhere in the world. This feature is useful if you wish to view your camera feed and check up on your property during your absence.
  • Day/Night CCTV – Day/night cameras work effectively in any light conditions. They can capture a clear image in bright light and low light.
  • Infrared CCTV – This is a specialised camera that works in completely dark areas. They capture good images in total darkness but must be shielded from light sources.

J Kirby Electrical are experienced CCTV installers in Hove. Our fully qualified and NAPIT registered electricians are professional, friendly and reliable. If you would like to discuss your CCTV installation with a proven professional, call us today.

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